CMMC 2.0 : The New DIB Compliance Assessments

The Department of Defense (DoD) is committed to safeguarding the nation’s critical defense industrial base (DIB). The enhanced “CMMC 2.0” program maintains the program’s original goal of safeguarding sensitive information, while simplifying the CMMC standard and providing additional clarity on cybersecurity regulatory, policy, and contracting requirements.

The new standard in cyber security

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the threat of cyberattacks grows. To protect sensitive national security information, the Department of Defense (DoD) has launched CMMC 2.0, a comprehensive framework to safeguard the defense industrial base.
With its streamlined requirements, CMMC 2.0 sets priorities for protecting DoD information and reinforces cooperation between the DoD and industry in addressing evolving cyber threats. This new framework will help cut red tape for small and medium sized businesses, and ensure that the information critical to our national security is protected.

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